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For more documentation on using checkAppointments, please visit our wiki page which has tons of useful info on getting you setup to take appointments online

Walking through the first four steps of the Setup Wizard: 

This video takes you on a quick tour of the first action items you have to take when you login to checkAppointments for the first time. 

How to Customize your scheduler, step by step

Your scheduler is what your clients see when they come to book with you. You can tweak it to say exactly what you want and display the information you'd like in the order you prefer. This video is full of information, so grab a snack, sit back, and learn! 

Making Google Calendar & checkAppointments talk

Want to synchronize your Google Calendar and your checkAppointments account? This video will walk you through the steps so that you don't have to go about adding appointments into two calendar systems. 

Getting a Book Now button on your WordPress account

If you use to host your website, here's the quick and dirty way to get the Book Now button up on it. Unfortunately, doesn't let you embed iFrames, but if you use, there are plugins that will work. 

Get a Book Now button in your Email Signature so it's easy for clients to book

Lots of users like to have the Book Appointment button right in their signature so clients can easily navigate to their scheduler. This video walks you through how to put it in your Google signature which is easily translated to other email clients.