Building Unity Through Giving Back

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There’s nothing like fun when it’s shared with others. Over the Holidays we know you probably spent time with family, friends, and loved ones as you enjoyed delicious dinners and warming breakfasts, and we want to encourage a continuing of joy, peace, and giving as we move forward into 2016.

But, there’s something about spreading joy, promoting peace, and giving back to others outside of your own social circle. You might not even be aware of how much the thought of reaching out to others really makes a difference to them.

And that’s why I’m asking for your input today. In what ways can a company give back while creating an enjoyable experience?

I have 3 ideas in mind that your colleagues could try:

1. Partner with a local charity to sponsor a winter clothing drive

Sponsor a winter clothing drive


Reach out to those in need within your community by partnering with a local charity and encouraging colleagues to donate winter clothing items such as coats, hats, gloves, and scarves. Your business can use an event scheduler to keep track of participant signups and also download and print a report of the number of participants in drive.


2. Sponsor a themed dinner with a local food bank or meals provider

Sponsor a themed dinner

Nothing spells fun like having a themed dinner. I remember when my school held themed meal days to feature Caribbean, East Asian, African, and various dishes from other cultures. You can keep tabs of what your colleagues would like to bring by having them add notes when signing up to participate in the dinner on your scheduling website. Try a Caribbean themed dinner to add a little warmth since it's winter, or how about a Flavorful Fiesta? What other creative themes can you think of for sponsored dinner?


3. Have a "Build Your Skills Workshop" for members of the community

Hold a "Build Your Skills" Workshop for members of the community

A pretty neat tip about having a skill-building workshop could be that the workshop cater to youth, young-adults, and adults. If your business focuses on software, you could have a session that teaches children how to code a static website using HTML and CSS, show young-adults how they can create a niche blog while they are in school to blog as they are learning their specialization, and give tips on how adults can better market themselves if they are career changers by creating an online resume. Group your workshop's classes together into one Service Group (Don't know how to do this? Here's a tutorial on how to group classes with our class scheduler) and have participants sign up using your scheduler for the workshop.

And with the 4th idea & beyond I'll let you guys share your thoughts with us!

Question: How can a company give back to its community through an engaging event?

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