How Online Class Booking Increases Attendance

Take a brief moment to just shut off the happenings around you and consider this: If there is one class that you could be a part of and that would be very beneficial and worthwhile to you, what class would that be? Would you join a group session to help yourself become a better task-master and meet more productivity goals? Would you join a computer programming class to to gain a valuable skills and join many programmers who have made positive impacts upon society? Or would join a course that could help you to better deal with a bad habit that is hampering your growth? Whatever the course may be, the idea to take away is this--education provides access.

Education gives access to potential students seeking knowledge

Teachers, instructors, and administrators--how well are you providing access to to potential students who are seeking to enhance their knowledge by learning a new skill or seeking methods to help them work through a challenge? Access involves making the knowledge available, and providing a pathway to obtaining the knowledge. There are many ways to do this; however, an efficient way to connect with students and provide them with access to your course is to offer online class booking. By using class booking software, you’ll be able to provide easy and efficient access to potential students, and can also increase class attendance.

Here’s how you could increase attendance through online class booking:

1. Allow students to register for your online sections

Let students register for classes through an online class booking

If you’re an online instructor or professor, you can allow students to register for your classes through the school's website or your own website via an embedded scheduler or link. Whether you’re using Skype or another means of communicating with students online, show them the times your class will meet and even hold online office hour sessions to provide students with the help that they need. One of the pluses about online office hours is that if you're able to use video, students will be able to connect a name with a face, and their questions have a greater chance of being understood and answered in a more helpful manner.

2. Show the number of seats available

Show available seats for your class

Students won't have to email you to find out if there are seats available for your class. Through you scheduler you'll be able to show them the number of seats that are available, and in return if they're interested in attending your class, that will encourage them to register. Once the class is full, you'll also have the option to allow students interested in taking the course to join a Wait List so that if a seat becomes available, you can invite them to join the course.

3. Make webinars and seminars easy to attend

Give students easy access to webinars and seminars

Have a special guest joining one of your classes? How about a renown scientist, popular dietician, or innovative entrepreneur? Provide students with access to gaining helpful knowledge from special guests who join your webinars and seminars by giving them the opportunity to be a part of the session through your web scheduler.

Providing students with access to your knowledge, and even the knowledge of others, can be done efficiently through online class booking. With many young individuals using technology in a variety of ways today, don’t pass up this opportunity to increase attendance for your sessions. All they will need is a link to your scheduling website or access to an embedded scheduler, and they’ll be well on their way to reaching their goals.

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