Student Debt Reducer: The Class Scheduler

For those students who wait up until the last minute to sign up for know that if you’re paying for school and you’re on a plan that gives you a grace period...if you don’t sign up for classes on time and have to skip a semester, your grace period is going down.

Time to sign up for classes

Academic Advisors, don’t allow your students to drown in debt because they didn’t complete their class schedule for the upcoming semester. Happily, instructors and professors can group their classes together to make it easier for students to sign up for certain courses through an online class schedule maker. Allow me to demonstrate:

For instructors and professors who have online organizers (because it really helps to keep them on track with classes, office hours meetings, department meetings, and their own busy schedules), here’s how you can group your classes together to make it easier for students to sign up:


1. Go to “Setup” > “Services” > “Manage Service Groups”

This will take you directly to the tab that will allow you to manage your Service Groups, but first we’re going to create one.

Go to the "Manage Service Groups" tab


2. Click the “Add New Service Group” button

This will create a new Service Group for you.

Click the "Add New Service group" button


3. Type in the name for the Service Group you want to create, choose the classes that will be in the Service Group, & Click Next

If you teach Science classes for Freshmen and Sophomores, you might choose to say “Freshmen Science Classes” for your first Service Group, and then make another later for your Sophomores (This will prevent underclassmen from trying to sign up for upperclassmen courses--for ex. a Sophomore wanting to sign up for CHEM 404 without advising or approval)

Add the name and classes for your new Service Group


4. Now you’ve successfully created a grouping for your classes

Hooray! You’ve did it! Now, your students can sign up for classes more easily by seeing them grouped according to academic level or grade level, or however you would prefer for them to view your grouped classes.

Your new Service Group has been created


Now, all you’ll have to do is copy and paste the Private URL and add it to your website or webpage, or have it added within your school’s class scheduling platform.

Click the Private URL link to edit the Service Group
Click the Private URL link to open up the web scheduler that contains grouped classes


You can also embed a class scheduler to your website or webpage by clicking on the “Private Embed Code” button, and cutting and pasting the code into your website or webpage.

Click "Private Embed code "button
Cut & paste the Private Embed code


Help your students reach their goals

Everyone needs a boost sometimes and guidance with managing priorities and creating plans.  By creating a Service Group of your classes through your online organizer (set up one today if you're ready to put your schedule in check) you can better walk your students through the scheduling process for classes.

Until next time! Let us know how you make a positive impact in the lives of your students in the Comment Box below.