NY's Resolution: Slide back from the table

You’ve finished the slice of honey-glazed ham on your plate along with some hot grits and scrambled eggs. You are full. Sliding back from the table, you notice how you’ve pudged out since eating breakfast and begin to think about losing some of the weight you’ve put on recently.

Time to slide back from the table

Sliding back from the table also caused you to reflect on your weight, but what are you planning to do? Do one of your New Year’s Resolution goals include hitting the gym, finding a personal trainer, a dietician coach, or even an accountability partner? If so, we have have tips for you if you’re considering taking an aerobics class, strength training, or even body toning course. We’ll help with you with this resolution for 2016. Listen in on this conversation between a personal trainer and gym member:

Time to get fit

Personal Trainer (Natalia H.) - “Hi, this is Rebecca with Complete Fitness Studios how can I help you today?”

Gym Member (Lia C.)  - “Hi Rebecca! My name is Lia Cramer. I’m already a member of the studio in Charlotte and have had a personal trainer there help me with strength training, but wanted to know if this class will be offered at your new Fort Mill location? We plan to move soon and I wanted to continue my training with a specialist.”

Personal Trainer - “Bear with me for a few moments, let me find out for you. Yes, it appears that we will be offering this class at our Fort Mill location.”

Strength Training class
Complete Fitness Studios Fort Mill, SC location

Gym Member - “Great! I want to set up an appointment with a trainer there. How can I do this today?”

Personal Trainer - “Sure, go to our mini website. Once you’re there, you’ll be taken through several screens where you’ll be able to choose our Fort Mill location, one of our Strength Training class sessions, and then the Trainer. You’ll schedule your appointment and receive a confirmation email. Is there anything else I can help with today?”

Gym Member - “Yes, one more thing, do you guys offer text message reminders for your classes? That would really help to keep me posted for the class session.”

Personal Trainer - “We do, on the “Your Information” screen, if you’ll place a check in the box for receiving a Text Reminder and then enter in your Mobile Number, you should receive a text message reminder 1 hour before the session.”

Opt to receive a text message reminder

Gym Member - “Great, thanks so much for your help, Rebecca! It’s very convenient to schedule appointments on my own without having to check the gym schedule every month online.”

Personal Trainer  - “I am glad this is helpful! Thanks for calling Complete Fitness Studios and have a great rest of your day!”


No Excuses!

With 2016 ahead of us, there should be no excuse holding you back from reaching your fitness goals. Gym instructors and studio owners:  make it easy for your clients to sign up for fitness classes with you and show them the dates and times for your courses. If one of your classes fills up, you can easily allow attendees to join a Wait List without losing your clients. And you can also streamline the scheduling process to enhance your clients' experience scheduling with you. Gym members and trainees:  who doesn’t appreciate a text message reminder before an appointment? When you're ready, feel free to try our online scheduling software free for 30 days. What’s keeping you from sliding back from the table?  Let us know what some of your New Year’s Resolutions are in the Comments Box below.