3 Ways to Benefit from a WaitList

You’ve been there. There was only 1 spot left open for the barber’s chair when you called after you got off from work, but then when you got there that spot was gone. You had to wait until the next weekend to get a trim.

Create a waitlist

Ahh, the WaitList with it’s helpful functionality and usefulness to clients that business owners would actually find quite resourceful. But, do you have the ability to create and use a waitlist for your clients? If not, you’re missing out on an opportunity that could increase your business over the Holidays. With checkAppointments’ web based reservation system, you can enjoy the benefits of our WaitList feature by:


Holding on to client appointments

When you’re booked to the brim, you don’t have to watch clients walk away from booking appointments with you. Hold on to and gain client appointments with the WaitList feature that will allow your clients to place their names in queue just in case a slot opens with you.

As a barber, you could certainly benefit by keeping business with your clients’ busy schedules by letting them know when a chair opens.


Choosing what’s feasible for you (in terms of time)

If your office has been booked to the brim, and it’s not possible for you to service another client--you won’t have to be concerned with sending an email notifying the client that you don’t have availability for their service. If you are unable to fit a client into your schedule, you can easily cancel the opening that was scheduled.


No One-Size-Fits All Email

Instead of plain vanilla, you can choose mint chocolate chip if you’d like. Tailor your email to clients who have joined your WaitList with a message of your choosing. You can add in additional details if you’d like according to the needs of the appointment whether your clients need to bring something or have certain information on hand.

And those are just 3 ways you can benefit from providing your clients with a WaitList. So you might now ask, how can I create this WaitList? We’re glad you asked! Here’s a brief tutorial that will walk you through the steps of setting up a WaitList once all of your appointment slots are full.

With a checkAppointments Business Account, you can easily allow clients to join a WaitList for a Service or Class through this tutorial.


Setting Up a WaitList & Allowing Clients to Join

In this tutorial, I plan to show the following:

  • How to Allow Clients to Join a WaitList for a Service
  • How a Client can Join a WaitList


Allow Clients to Join a WaitList for a Service

1. To allow clients to join a WaitList for a Service, you first need to go to the “Setup” menu tab > “Services”.

Go to the Services tab


2. Choose the Service you’d like to allow clients to join a WaitList for -- here I’ll be choosing the “Winter Family Photo Shoot (LIMITED TIME)” Service

Choose the appropriate Service


3. From here, if you scroll down you’ll be able to see the Yes/No checkbox option “Allow Wait List” and you’ll need to select this option so that clients can join a WaitList for your Service

Allow clients to join your Wait List


4. Once that’s done, click the green “Save” button and now we’ll see how to join the WaitList for this Service through a web scheduler

Save your changes


Joining the WaitList through the Web Scheduler

1. I’m currently on the web scheduling site for Jackson Farms and will walk through the online scheduling process. Click the “Next” button to begin setting up an appointment.

Click the on the Next button


2. Choose a location for the appointment and click “Next”

Choose a Location and then click the Next button


3. Choose a staff member for the appointment and click “Next”

Choose a Staff Member and then click the Next button


4. Choose a Service or Class (I’ll be choosing a Service) and then click "Next"

Choose your Service and then click the Next button


5. Now, I will see that Sage is completely booked for Thursday, December 17, 2015 for the Photo Shoot Service. I’ll click the “Join Wait List” button

Click the Join Wait List button


6. Next, I’ll choose the time that I prefer to come in for the appointment. I plan to be free that day, so I’m choosing “Anytime”.

Choose your preferred time for an appointment and click the Continue button


7. Next, I’ll fill in my information for the appointment and click the “Save” button

Click the Save button after filling in your information


8. Lastly, I’ll receive a Thank You and see that I’ve been added to the WaitList for this Service. If an appointment slot opens for me, I’ll be contacted by phone or email.

Thank You page

And that’s it--a simple way to encourage your clients to schedule an online appointment with you by allowing them to join a WaitList. Additionally, if you have appointment no-shows, you can add clients from your WaitList to fill open appointment slots or even spend your time more productively by doing tasks to grow your business. Lastly, your clients are likely to have a better experience setting appointments with you without the back and forth emailing. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them with us in the Comments box below.