Balance Your Schedule Over The Holidays

With business tending to pick up during the Holiday Season, you might find it sort of difficult trying to balance your appointments and keep engagements with friends and family. Whether you offer doctor's appointments, therapy sessions, classes, or salon services, here's a tool that can be helpful for keeping you on track with appointments and scheduling. 

Let me introduce the web scheduler, and not just the scheduler itself, but also its features that can help you maintain order for your business during the Holiday Season.

Use a web scheduler to help better manage time



If you have staff members who work different schedules, it’s very helpful to be able to see who is where or doing what at a specific time. With a web scheduler that provides the ability to view your staff members’ schedules over the course of a week, you can go ahead and make plans for your busiest days and hours. Choosing a web scheduler with a central appointment management system simplifies this ability even further with features all in one place.



Don’t blow up their phones with multiple emails and text, but certainly send them a nice appointment reminder whether by email or text message (or both). Plus, this can help prevent client no-shows by sending a friendly reminder of their next appointment with you at a time interval you choose. However, if you do have client no-shows, consider spending the appointment gap productively.


Make sure you have all of the information your business needs for the appointment

Don’t get stuck trying to figure out what’s missing right before the appointment. Create custom fields so that you can gather client information that is pertinent to your business for their appointments. Whether you like to figure out ways to boost your marketing campaigns through questions like “How did you hear about us?” or “Would you prefer to be contacted by email or text message?”. These questions can help you determine what your clients are looking for, and this can be done easily by creating custom client information fields.


If you become overbooked, create a waitlist

If appointments are rolling in and you’re booked up to the minute, you can allow clients to join a Wait-List for when a slot becomes open. Clients can join your Wait-List and if a slot opens up, you can determine how clients will be able to fit into your schedule--more flexibility.



Take your first online appointment today through a web scheduler that allows you to customize the web-handle and add a name that fits your business. Also, give your clients the freedom to schedule appointments with you when you're away from the office. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the above-mentioned features and possibly find some balance should business pick up and you need an online scheduling system that’s easy to manage.