Bettering Your Clients' Experiences Using Your Web Scheduler

 Appointments for the doctor. Appointments for an oil change. Appointments for a tutor. Appointments are a mandatory part of life. You can’t escape the process when pursuing certain required services.

Here at checkAppointments, we understand this fact of life. We know that appointment scheduling can be tedious. But most importantly, your clients know this too. Therefore, we have devised a few tips for setting up your scheduler to expedite the scheduling process for your busy clients.

We will go over a few of the most beneficial ways to streamline the booking process for your clients. Within checkAppointments, there are numerous options for customization and we’ll help you tailor your web scheduler with the exact customization you desire.



This feature can be found under Setup > Scheduler > check box for ‘Auto advance if only 1 selection available’. This feature allows the Scheduler to make the selection for clients on panels with just 1 option & advances clients in the flow.

Essentially, if there is a page on your scheduler that only has one option available, the scheduler will automatically advance to the next page. It’s a simple, easy workflow advance that gets the clients closer to their goal more quickly.



This next feature is under the same panel as Auto Advance. Simply go to Setup > Scheduler >  and choose your preferred workflow in the field ‘Website Flow’. The pro’s of this “scheduler cheat” is that you can cut down on unneeded pages in your scheduler.

If you only want to display ‘Service’ and ‘Time’, you can do so. Whatever workflow that best assists your clients’ needs can be created.



Having the option to add ‘text descriptions’ for each panel is a great feature. This can be customized under Setup > Scheduler > and scroll down to the section where you can customize each panel.

If you want to make each mandatory scheduler page as fluid as possible, just be to the point with the ‘Page Title’ and then there won’t be a need for any text description.



How many times have you booked a tutoring session or massage appointment and you wanted to book with a specific staff only to run into the problem of not remembering their name. That’s such a pain. To eliminate this problem, all you need to do is add the picture of each staffer in the Scheduler Configurations.

You simply go to Setup > Staff > and click on the tab for ‘Online Scheduler Configuration’. From there, you can upload the staff’s picture. This takes a whole lot of complication out of the picture.



Navigate to Setup > Scheduler > and to the ‘Your (Client’s) Information Panel’. Here is where you can really customize the information fields that you open up to clients. The only required fields of information are ‘Name’ and ‘Email’. All other fields, such as ‘Company’, ‘Phone Number’, ‘Address’ and ‘Comments’ can be requested upon your discretion. This, along with all the other shortcut tips, will streamline your process even further.



The last tip we have for you today is regarding the options located on the ‘Time’ page. There are multiple variations for the Time Panel appointment display that can improve a client’s speed through the booking process. Just go to Setup > Scheduler > click on the ‘Time Panel’ tab.

Once here, you can customize any of the fields to minimize client-side clicks. One field to think about customizing would be ‘Latest Appointment’ which determines how close to the appointment start time a client can book.. The other field to focus on would be ‘Advanced Appointments’; here you can set how far into the future clients can book, so you can limit the options that come up when a client is clicking through your open calendar.

These are our basic steps to streamlining your scheduler flow. It’s options like these that make having an online organizer incredibly beneficial to your business.

Have any thoughts or questions on priority management? Contact us by commenting below! We’d love to hear from you.