How Much Time Class Management Software Saves

Leaving the best impression should be every instructor’s first impression. However, sometimes early mornings leave them a little foggy, shaky, and on the edge after staying up from the wee hours of the morning trying to prepare for classes. You could just walk that impression right out of the door.

But we’re here to help you do better by cutting down on class prep time. How is that--you’re probably asking. We don’t have all of the answers, but we have one that can certainly help:  save time preparing for classes with class management software. And not just any software--software that automatically formulates a class roster for you so that you can easily track attendance. Allow me to show you a small demonstration for a web design class.

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Common Pitfalls of Online Appointment Scheduling

Kelly Clarkson might have said in her song "Never Again" that “ignorance is bliss”, but is ignorance really a good thing? Getting to know your web scheduler, you start feeling confident with clients booking appointments with no problems, but about five months into this new implementation for your business and the numbers start to drop. Standing in your office one morning and forgetting that coworkers are within earshot, you stop thinking about it and ask aloud “What’s the matter here”?

And the truth of the matter is that you’ve likely fallen into one of the common pitfalls of online appointment scheduling by neglecting to customize your email templates, improve your scheduler's flow, and test your web scheduler from a client's perspective. Ignorance can’t be bliss when you’re losing clients and having too many calls come in with questions. My job today is to help you out of this pit and stop those en route from ever reaching it. Here's 3 ways to avoid those common pitfalls in addition to questions that you might have received from your clients:

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How Online Class Booking Increases Attendance

Take a brief moment to just shut off the happenings around you and consider this: If there is one class that you could be a part of and that would be very beneficial and worthwhile to you, what class would that be? Would you join a group session to help you become a better task-master and help you to meet you productivity goals through an accountability partner? Would you join a computer programming class to help you gain a valuable skill and join many programmers who’ve made positive changes to society? Or would join a course that could help you to better deal with a life circumstance that is hampering your growth? Whatever the course may be, the idea to take away is this--education provides access.

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Building Unity Through Giving Back

There’s nothing like fun when it’s shared with others. Over the Holidays we know you probably spent time with family, friends, and loved ones as you enjoyed delicious dinners and warming breakfasts, and we want to encourage a continuing of joy, peace, and giving as we move forward into 2016.

But, there’s something about spreading joy, promoting peace, and giving back to others outside of your own social circle. You might not even be aware of how much the thought of reaching out to others really makes a difference to them.

And that’s why I’m asking for your input today. In what ways can a company give back while creating an enjoyable experience?

I have 3 ideas in mind that your colleagues could try.

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Fortify Client Relationships with a Simple Question

If you found yourself waiting in a line before, but eventually found out you were in the wrong line, you might have thought that it would have been more helpful if someone were providing instructions to help with the flow of the queue.

In a similar way, if you’re a business owner or manager, your clients might find it more helpful if you provide appointment screening questions to help him or her with with the services or classes you provide.

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