What you can learn from resilient people

This is a post written straight off the back of a series of long, tiring, & (more often than not) frustrating days.

The thing about several long, tiring, frustrating days is your ability to deal with them shrinks as the series drags on. If it is just one long, tiring, & frustrating day then it’s easier to put on a happy face the next day, but when they pile up back to back your patience runs dry.

Ironically, if we don’t put on a happy face, we invite more and more frustrating things to happen to us. Misery loves company, as they say, and if you go around looking miserable (even if it’s completely justified) the world loves to hand you more reasons to be miserable.

Thus, the natural way to respond to a multiple POS days’ is not at all the best way to respond. The natural way is to be grumpy; let everyone know that you are not in the mood. Doing this will only invite criticism from your peers (I can already hear them mumbling “Doesn’t he/she know that everyone has bad days?”) not sympathy.

People who get admiration in this world are the people who can seemingly deal with all kinds of pressure and stress without letting the pressure and stress that affects them leak out and affect the people around them vis-à-vis their mood.

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Why you should allow clients to self schedule

Before I worked on online scheduling software, I didn't think twice about businesses I went to that didn't have some sort of online booking system set up. Whether it was reservations at a restaurant I love or making appointments with my hairdresser, I wouldn't get peeved if businesses didn't have online scheduling.

Now, however, I have started to get annoyed.

When I’m looking to make an appointment with a business, the first place I go to is their website. I search for information on how to make an appointment which, for most businesses at this point in time, involves making a phone call.

Now here is why having to make a phone call (instead of using a web scheduler) annoys me:

  • If I’m at work, I have to find some place out of the way so I can place the phone call in private. I love my co-workers, but I don’t need them knowing why I want to make a doctor’s appointment. The only thing that’s “discreet” about making a phone call for an appointment is

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7 Ways a Web Scheduler will Save You Time in 2015

Time, time, time. It’s the precious, non-renewable resource that has the power to put us all on the same play field.

Unlike money which can grow or shrink exponentially in your bank account, there is no equivalent time account and nothing we can do to get more of it. Instead, we have to manage our time so that we use it most efficiently and productively.

Modern home appliances produced some of the largest time-saving advances in recent memory. Washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, blenders, vacuum cleaners, and the like have decreased the time we spend on household chores and (supposedly) increased the time we get to put into leisure activities.

Since starting to cut the corners of how we spend our time with the modern appliances that fill our homes, we have looked deeper and deeper into how to increase our productivity and efficiency. The personal computer was invented and the age of software was born.

There’s a lot of talk on people being “coded out of a job” because of the functions that some of these softwares serve. As an appointment management software, we often hear people fret over what will become of the receptionist position in the future.

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How can the holidays be so busy but feel so lonely?

So we’ve been a bit busy this past month. We released our newest product TimeTap and have seen a lot of success, but it has unfortunately come at the cost of blog writing.

It’s December now and while there is still miles to go before we get all of the checkAppointments features over to TimeTap, we are at least back in blog writing mode for the time being.

I know we are a web scheduler and we’re supposed to talk about business and technology and appointment management and all of that good stuff. Maybe something on priority management or on time management activities would feel more appropriate for this business blog.

But this is the first post in a long time and today, I don’t want to write about how you can better manage to do lists or how to get more appointments on your calendar. Today I want to talk about time in the more abstract, uncalculated sense and there seems to be no better time to do that than the holidays.

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Bettering Your Clients' Experiences Using Your Web Scheduler

Appointments for the doctor. Appointments for an oil change. Appointments for a tutor. Appointments are a mandatory part of life. It’s a process that cannot be left out when pursuing certain required services. Here at CheckAppointments, we understand this fact of life. We know that appointment scheduling can be tedious. But most importantly, your clients know this too. Therefore, we have devised a few tips for setting up your scheduler to expedite the scheduling process for your busy clients.


We will go over a few of the most beneficial ways to streamline the booking process for your clients. Within CheckAppointments, there are numerous options for customization and we’ll help you tailor your web scheduler with the exact customization you desire.

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