How can the holidays be so busy but feel so lonely?

So we’ve been a bit busy this past month. We released our newest product TimeTap and have seen a lot of success, but it has unfortunately come at the cost of blog writing.

It’s December now and while there is still miles to go before we get all of the checkAppointments features over to TimeTap, we are at least back in blog writing mode for the time being.

I know we are a web scheduler and we’re supposed to talk about business and technology and appointment management and all of that good stuff. Maybe something on priority management or on time management activities would feel more appropriate for this business blog.

But this is the first post in a long time and today, I don’t want to write about how you can better manage to do lists or how to get more appointments on your calendar. Today I want to talk about time in the more abstract, uncalculated sense and there seems to be no better time to do that than the holidays.

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Bettering Your Clients' Experiences Using Your Web Scheduler

Appointments for the doctor. Appointments for an oil change. Appointments for a tutor. Appointments are a mandatory part of life. It’s a process that cannot be left out when pursuing certain required services. Here at CheckAppointments, we understand this fact of life. We know that appointment scheduling can be tedious. But most importantly, your clients know this too. Therefore, we have devised a few tips for setting up your scheduler to expedite the scheduling process for your busy clients.


We will go over a few of the most beneficial ways to streamline the booking process for your clients. Within CheckAppointments, there are numerous options for customization and we’ll help you tailor your web scheduler with the exact customization you desire.

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Priority Management When Everything's a High Priority

The most infamous hang up that entrepreneurs and business owners come across is deciding which of their priorities needs their attention here & now. At any given time, you could have 5 big tasks that really need to get done. 2 of those tasks should have been done last week, 2 of them need to be done today, and 1 of them is a long term project that keeps nagging at you.

With so many priorities, all with different time lines & attention requirements, we tend to overinflate the importance of each. As items on your to-do list come crashing together, you may feel pulled to “not waste time prioritizing” and instead decide to dive, head first, into one of the priorities to get it done.

That’s a fine approach until you get a phone call which distracts you for 15 minutes and reminds you of something else you need to do.

It’s bound to happen. Distraction free zones are more myth than reality, especially when your cell phone acts as an open gateway to a social world in which you’re always invited, welcomed, & included. An hour later you come back to the task you were diving head first into and have to spend another 10 minutes reacquainting yourself with where you were on it.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this phenomenon or something similar to it. We stress ourselves out just by thinking about the number of different priorities we have but are somehow all too willing to let the rings & dings of our cell phone alerts pull us away from the tasks we’ve set out for ourselves.

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Make Room Reservations a Snap with a Free Web Scheduler

Sharing office space comes with it’s own sets of challenges and rewards. At checkAppointments, we share office space with a large crowd of entrepreneurs and small businesses all housed here in Charlotte’s entrepreneurial hub Packard Place.

We love all the people we get to meet and always seeing new faces roaming about. There’s new and interesting social gatherings going on every month that are always educational to attend.

One of the cons (a small one and something Packard Place has overcome with its own web scheduler) is that if we need to have a meeting with an outside party, we have to book and reserve a shared conference room.

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Checklist for being a Pro Schedule Builder

There are innumerable ways to make a schedule, online and off, and it is usually a laborious process.

First, you have to see if any of your staff have requested time off. Then, you have to see if any of them have any shift preferences. Finally, you sit down in front of a spreadsheet that lays out your open hours with how many shifts you have in each and begin to try to solve the puzzle.

The day the schedule has to be built (and it does take the day) is nobody’s favorite.

Regardless, the schedule has to be made and your team has to know about it. Here is a checklist of things to make sure you have in place in order to have an easy schedule for your employees to work off of:

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