Facing a tough decision? Try slowing down.

Have you ever wondered why, when you’re going to bed at night, it’s so easy to decide you’re going to wake up and go exercise in the morning but when you wake up all you want to do is turn the alarm off and catch some more shut eye?

I do. I wonder, “What happened to that motivated girl from 6 hours ago? Did she move to a new body overnight? Geez, lady! Get your butt out of bed!”

I realize that when we’re waking up we’re not our most rational selves. Until we’re fully awake, falling back to sleep just feels so inviting. But there’s more at work here, and it all comes back to what makes a decision difficult in the first place.

TED published Ruth Chang’s talk on hard choices last year and it changed my frame of reference when facing any difficult decision. It’s when we are faced with hard choices that we get to decide who we really are.

Let’s say that you want to be healthy but you also want to eat tasty food. For breakfast, you’re offered either bland granola and plain yogurt or a hot, glazed Krispy Kreme donut. Which do you choose?

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A wake up call for when you don't love what you do

The title may mislead you, so let me start this post by getting the elephant out of the room: I do love what I do. I enjoy the hustle every single day and, while there are moments of frustration and setbacks, those are toppled by the moments of success and the potential for the future.

With that aside, I want to talk to the people who seem to feel either blah about what they do or just outright hate it. The inherent hypocrisy doesn’t elude me, but I have just had enough of people being unsatisfied so I’m taking advantage of my bi-weekly soapbox to vent about it.

We have choices everywhere, and it is just about time that we all took responsibility for our choices and stop letting our negative attitudes leak out and affect other people.

As a support person for our online scheduling team, I talk to a lot of different people every day, all of whom do different things. Many people love their jobs too, but others are almost always crabby & crotchety and it just has got me thinking that maybe we need a wake up call.

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Taking Advantage of your No Show Appointments

How do you feel when someone doesn’t show up for their appointment?

They have taken up a slot on your calendar, you’ve prepared for the appointment, and then when the time comes, they never show up. While a checkAppointments web scheduler has been shown to reduce no shows by up to 99%, there are always a few that slip through the cracks.

Most people’s first response is to get frustrated. Usually we’ll give lip service to the concern that “we hope such-and-such is alright since they couldn’t make it to their appointment,” but we mostly just feel like our time has been squandered.

Last week I had someone schedule a support call for Friday at 6:30pm. The appointment was confirmed but when 6:30 rolled around, they never got on the line. I was pretty ticked off. It was Friday night and I didn’t particularly want to have to stay in the office waiting for the support call. Then when they didn’t get on the call it made me really frustrated that I had waited around at all.

This sense of frustration that we feel when we think people have wasted our time can permeate our outlook for the entire day. Suddenly things that wouldn’t have bothered you before start rubbing you the wrong way.

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Advantages of letting clients login to your web scheduler

Online scheduling companies are paving the way toward a future where appointment management exists in the background. It will no longer be a receptionist’s full time job to take calls and rearrange appointments.

Some people would say that scheduling software is eliminating opportunities and hurting the number of available jobs for long time assistants and administrators. While it’s true that we are eliminating some of the job responsibilities receptionists used to take on, I like to think with the saved time they get back, they can start to add on work tasks that serve to really grow the business.

In order for this to become a reality, however, scheduling softwares have to get to a point where clients really can be self-sufficient with managing their own appointments.

One of the ways clients are able to maintain that self-sufficiency is by being able to login to a business’s web scheduler so they can manage upcoming appointments, view past appointments, and book new appointments. With checkAppointments net scheduler, clients can do all three depending on what your business requires.

If you allow clients to login to your appointment manager,

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What you can learn from resilient people

This is a post written straight off the back of a series of long, tiring, & (more often than not) frustrating days.

The thing about several long, tiring, frustrating days is your ability to deal with them shrinks as the series drags on. If it is just one long, tiring, & frustrating day then it’s easier to put on a happy face the next day, but when they pile up back to back your patience runs dry.

Ironically, if we don’t put on a happy face, we invite more and more frustrating things to happen to us. Misery loves company, as they say, and if you go around looking miserable (even if it’s completely justified) the world loves to hand you more reasons to be miserable.

Thus, the natural way to respond to a multiple POS days’ is not at all the best way to respond. The natural way is to be grumpy; let everyone know that you are not in the mood. Doing this will only invite criticism from your peers (I can already hear them mumbling “Doesn’t he/she know that everyone has bad days?”) not sympathy.

People who get admiration in this world are the people who can seemingly deal with all kinds of pressure and stress without letting the pressure and stress that affects them leak out and affect the people around them vis-à-vis their mood.

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