checkAppointments is Becoming

As many of you know, with time comes change, and when your business is thriving, growing, and flourishing, there also comes the opportunity to take things up a notch in order to move to the next level.

And when you have a vision in place for where you’re headed, goals as mile-markers along the way, and helpful technology to advance your goals, you’re well-set to move forward.

For a while, our team has been busy working to deliver the best online scheduling solutions to help your business do just that - move forward in getting more clients & booking more appointments.

We are happy to announce that we are changing our name to

We’re still the same team (the gang’s all here!), same product and there will be no increase in cost. Additionally, your clients will not be affected by the migration, and you will also still be able to use your current web scheduling page. Here is how you can maintain the benefits of online appointment booking with TimeTap.

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Scheduling Should Take Much Less Time

There are only 168 hours in a week. Each 24 there’s a routine and or schedule that has your name on it with responsibilities to be taken care of. However, each week there are time drains--unexpected occurrences, mishaps, or even tasks that require too much time, and with these drains you find that there’s a need to more efficiently utilize the time that you have when possible.

One of those time drains might be scheduling, and we all know that proper planning is essential; however, when you’re running a business or managing a business with appointments, then managing a schedule with constant change can wreak havoc on your hours (not to mention open that time drain again). So, you wonder to yourself, I’ve identified the problem, but what would be the best solution?

On Monday morning, you walk by Daniel’s desk and ask him which app does he use to manage his schedule. Daniel casually pulls up the app on his laptop and shows you how convenient it is to use a system that manages your schedule for you--and with text message reminders. “James, scheduling doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t have to spend an hour each afternoon adjusting your schedule when it automatically adjusts itself online.” You smile, rub your chin, and really take that thought into consideration.

After all, you do manage a desk calendar and use a system that does not automatically update itself should a client need to cancel. And you find yourself checking your voicemails soon after looking at emails once you come into the office. You’re working hard, but not efficiently.

If you find yourself in James’ shoes, we urge you to consider a better tool to help you manage your schedule and receive automatic updates without having to constantly check and make changes. To stop those time drains and save a few hours each week in the office, we’ve put together a list of reasons why online scheduling is the better option.

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What's the Most Productive Way to Start Your Day?

The morning is one of the most beautiful times of the day. It's when we're greeted by the refreshing warmth of the sun its rays are cast upon our bedroom walls, and when we're getting ourselves prepared to tackle the tasks of the day.

But, before each of us jump right into the things on our to-do lists, we tend to have a run-down in our brains of what is most important, what could be completed the fastest, and what might be a more long and drawn out task. What matters at the end of the day, though, is what we have completed in the 24 hours that we were given. Efficient daily scheduling is highly important, and we know that when we don't prioritize our time or plan out our days, then things can run amuck. When we come in from a long day at work, we might sit down and consider the tasks that we completed in our day and what we could have done differently. Since productivity is at the heart of our blog, we want you to ask yourself--what is the most productive way to start my day?

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Should You Offer Online Booking for Your Event?

The dinner is all set! You’ve prepared homemade Guyanese fried rice, Cassie is bringing mashed potatoes and gravy, and George is bringing rotisserie chicken. Now you’re waiting on them and everyone else to arrive, so you sit back and wait until they get there.

One hour has passed and no one has shown up for your dinner; you start to wonder what could have gone wrong. Some of your friends told you that they would try to come, and some signed up through your scheduling website, but well, maybe they had a change of plans.

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What's a Reasonable Cancellation Policy for Online Appointments?

When you automate your appointments with a web based reservation system, you’re well on your way to Efficiency City. Say hello to more time to let the kids play at the park, organize a more complex dinner, or even spend some extra time planning the next day. However, your trip doesn’t end there.

You’ve reached milestone number one. When setting up your scheduling website to begin accepting online appointments, you must consider your PC’s or policies and procedures. No business runs smoothly without ‘em, and you need to be sure to clarify them for your clients before they begin booking appointments with you. In today’s post, we’re going to discuss some considerations that you should be make when crafting your cancellation or rescheduling policy.

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