Setting Expectations to Increase Productivity

My customer number was 666. I’m not superstitious, and in fact, I didn’t even think about the number being a problem until my roommate walked into the waiting room to sit beside me.

“I already got a number,” I told Sydonie as she sat down. I showed her the ticket and pointed to the sign behind the counter that read Now serving: 661.

“Not the luckiest draw,” she said and rested her purse on her lap.

We got lost in talking about our day and before we knew it the sign behind the counter read Now serving: 667.

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When was the last time you took 10 minutes to do nothing?

Do you feel guilty when you aren't doing anything? 

Many people do. Naturally we want to be active and when we do sit down to try and relax, many times we'll feel as if we haven't earned it.

Andy Puddicombe has a very different take on this, however. With 10 mindful minutes of meditation a day we can keep ourselves from being lost in thought, distracted, and overwhelmed by difficult emotions.

Even though you won't be working through your undoubtedly endless to-do list as you sit down to meditate (although -- remember your online scheduler is on call 24/7 for people to book with you even when you're meditating :) you'll be nourishing your most important resource: your mind.

In Puddicombe's TED Talk (below) he speaks on the power of meditation to bring you into the present moment, something we spend a huge amount of our life passively avoiding with wandering thoughts about worries from the past or anxieties about the future.

To Puddicombe,  meditation is "a focused relaxation where we can allow thoguhts to come and go without all the usual involvement." Check out his TED Talk below for more on how 10 mindful minutes a day can change your life.

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Are You Exhausting People With Your Emails?

The day has come folks. I truly didn’t think I’d make it here but I caught myself red handed last week & I just need to fess up.

My confession: I skim long emails.

I know, I know, I know: everybody does it, right?

Well, Lucy Barber didn’t use to.

I use to either not read an email (because I wasn’t interested) or read emails in their entirety (because it made me feel accomplished).

Now, though, I will read just about anything that makes its way to my inbox and will skim just about everything.

The thing is, I finally understand why so many people skim through emails: 75% of what we’re writing is fluff.

Utter, useless, taking up digi-space, your-mama-should-have-told-you FLUFF.

You know you’re not innocent (heck, I’m sure as all get-out a perpetrator of heinous email word-stuffing).

I don’t want to waste more words describing how we got here. Instead, I want to focus on 4 small steps that you can take to shorten your emails so I can go back to feeling accomplished and you can get the crime off your record.

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Productivity Hacks: Have a More Quality Time in Bed (with your eyes closed)

How did you sleep last night?

It’s not a question you’re typically asked when you walk into work in the morning. We hear “How’s it going?” or “How’re you doing?” but very few people meet by the coffee machine to discuss how well they slept.

That’s really a shame because so many people have such poor sleep habits.

Not just the amount of sleep we get but the quality of that sleep has a huge effect on how productive and focused we can be the following day.

And because It isn’t something we focus our conversation on (we don’t ask ask each other about it or compare ourselves against it), we put little attention toward bettering this necessary routine that takes up such a huge part of our daily lives.

I think we should change the conversation.

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What kind of courage are you made of?

Why are we so obsessed with seeing people fall?

From the number of America’s Funniest Home Videos that involve people falling down to the now viral instance of Heather Dorniden falling down in a track meet only to get back up and win, humans are addicted to witnessing struggle.

Most of the time it makes us feel better about ourselves (because at least we didn’t have to suffer the embarrassment) but every now and again, as is the case with Dorniden, it inspires us to do better by ourselves.

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